A to Z for Kids' Toddler Program, for 12-month to 24-month old children, encourages toddlers to be flexible and spontaneous. Because toddlers are active explorers that are eager to try new things, and use materials in different ways, our teachers plan according to each individual child. This is done by implementing numerous opportunities for the child to be responsible and make choices so he or she can start to become autonomous.

The Toddler development age is such an exciting time for the child because what they learn at this stage helps them develop language, and cognitive and physical skills, which helps foster competence.  Due to the importance of this, we developed our Toddler Program around small group activities, pre-literacy skills, sensory play, physical activities and more that your toddler will love. Each toddler program centers on some important components such as stimulating environment, loving relationships and developmentally-appropriate practices. The program includes circle time where the children are read stories and perform manipulative exercises to help with hand coordination and walking.  We understand that experiential learning is fundamental during your toddler’s early years and our program is designed to be the foundation for future development.

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