Summer Camp

K to 6th Grade

DeLand Location

Art, Bounce Houses, Fishing, Movies, Parks, SeaWorld, Zoo and much more!

Kennedy Space Center
Daytona Lagoon
Fun Spot

Planned Activities

Breakfast and Lunch Included
Student Ratio: One counselor for every 10 children (10 to 1 ratio)

Only $85 per week - $25 Registration Fee

Call 386-873-2705 or 386-956-1173 for more information


These are the rules that are going to be implemented in order for us to have a fun and safe summer. Please go over them with your child, and remember that they will be strictly enforced. The cost for the week is $85.00. This will include breakfast, lunch and all trips but the SeaWorld trip. The SeaWorld trip is $47.00 and must be paid for by July 15th or your child will not be allowed to go. The cost of the meal ticket is $17.00 and can be paid on the day of the trip. The registration fee is $25.00 and starts May 1, 2016. It also has to be paid by credit / debit card. If you have any questions, please see Mr. Joe.

1. All payments are due no later than 6:00pm Monday. If you do not pay on Monday, there will be a $10.00 late fee per child added for each day. If your payment has not been received by Wednesday, your child will not be allowed to return.

2. If during the summer you take any vacations, you are still required to pay for those weeks.

3. We expect the children to listen and respect our teachers. If your child disrepects the teacher, the discipline will be as follows:

  • They will be talked to
  • They will be sat down away from their group for a short time
  • They will lose a field trip. If your child loses a field trip due to behavior, they will be required to stay home for the day.

To ensure your child's enrollment in one of our child development programs, contact us today at 386-873-2705 to schedule an appointment.

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