Early Pre-School

A to Z for Kid's Preschool Program, for 24-month to 36-month old children, encourages 2 and 3-year old children to develop a love for learning and realize their fullest potential. Our teachers feel that being able to teach a child of any age a love for learning will enable that child to learn continuously in his or her lifetime.  In addition, they will be able to overcome any obstacles that may come along in life and possibly learn from them.

Our Early Prep school Academy has a confidence-building approach where each individual child's development is guided by age appropriate activities, and learning experiences, which help the individual child absorb information at this age where learning is driven by his or her own curiosity.  During the Early Preschool Program the child will start to get exposed to ABC’s, Colors, Numbers and Shapes.  The will start learning these things during circle time as they learn nursery rhymes and perform other memory enhancing exercises.  They will also start to get exposed to a mini Arts & Crafts program.  All of these exercises will be important for their next development step in VPK.

If you live in Orange City, DeBary, DeLand, Deltona or Enterprise, Florida and would like to learn more about our Early Preschool Program, or you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us today at 386-873-2705.

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